Professional Security Systems that Secure More Peace of Mind

Restart Property Group understands that reducing risk, securing precious items, and protecting people is of the utmost importance. Whether you’ve got a single building, an entire campus, or several national or international facilities, our state-of-the-art business security systems and other commercial security systems give you the protection you need against both internal and external threats. From indoor and outdoor security system installation to electrical isolation, to temporary fencing, to boarding up, new locks, we do it all—creating effective, unobtrusive high-tech solutions designed for your specific needs and goals.

Professional Security Systems that Secure More Peace of Mind

Restart Property Group is a locally owned business that has been protecting Australian businesses and homeowners for many years, with security systems. We offer state-of-the-art technology, our own 24/7 central monitoring station, and expert service and maintenance. We have become a trusted name all over Australia when it comes to security. From late-hour emergency calls for lockouts to the installation of the most modern security system, we have everything here at Restart Property Group. We are keeping locals safe from burglars and intruders by eliminating security vulnerabilities around your place.

Complete Security Solution For All

With our comprehensive security services, you can protect yourself against break-ins and theft. Restart Property Group recognises the necessity of establishing a secure environment. Restart Property Group is the company you call when you need a site security system installed. We also provide a full spectrum of isolated electrical services and solutions. On construction and particular project sites, we supply a wide range of builders with all of their temporary fence installation needs. Damaged windows, doors, and other openings are covered with plywood, and roof or siding damage is protected with tarps, so your house or company is safe and not exposed to the elements. Our skilled locksmiths provide a comprehensive, quick, and dependable service. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We are specialists in repairing and installing all kinds of locks, whether it be for residential, commercial or automotive purposes.