Methamphetamine Testing

Cost-Effective Methamphetamine Testing Services With Fast Turnaround Times

Restart Property Group is a leading environmental business in the sector of drug lab clean-up. Restart Property Group is a leading provider of methamphetamine drug lab testing, training, and decontamination services in Australia. We have the expertise to handle even the most difficult illicit drug lab clean-up situations. Restart Property Group is dedicated to developing and testing new technologies that will increase our efficiency, safety, and service quality. We are the industry leader in development activities focused on non-invasive equipment and procedures, as well as earth-friendly detergents. An on-site property inspection, quality-controlled sample collection, and analysis by an independent recognised laboratory are all part of our methamphetamine drug lab evaluation services. We also provide regulatory development advice.

Restart Property Group – Methamphetamine Testing

Our methamphetamine testing uncovers drug remains in residential and commercial buildings, as well as automobiles. Methamphetamine manufacturing and smoking both leave traces. When purchasing or selling a home, test findings are useful in determining the worth of the property. The findings may be used by both landlords and renters to prove that the rented house is safe to live in and that no drugs have been used during the tenancy. Restart Property Group provides samplers with sampling kits and tests their samples for methamphetamine.

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