Covid Cleaning

Fighting to Stop the Spread with COVID Cleaning Services Near You

COVID-19 has been a serious health risk since early 2020, and our Restart Property Group network is heroically fighting this epidemic for you. Restart Property Group wants its clients to know that they are taking all necessary safeguards and efforts to keep them, their companies, and their customers secure at this uncertain time. Our franchisees are completely aware of the virus’s severity and the additional precautions that must be taken when cleaning your property. They approach the work at hand with a sense of urgency, power, and responsibility. Restart Property Group is prepared to deliver the most efficient sanitising and disinfection processes, utilising hospital-grade materials that are coronavirus-resistant.

Expert Level COVID-19 Cleaning Services

With the Coronavirus’s continuous global spread, it’s critical that we all be cautious about cleaning and sanitising our facilities. To avoid the spread of COVID-19, we recognise the need to thoroughly clean and sanitise surfaces, floors, equipment, and furniture. Restart Property Group has invested substantially in cutting-edge cleaning technology to provide the most comprehensive cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitising services possible to help keep your employees and visitors safe from infections such as Coronavirus. Restart Property Group disinfects and sanitises your facilities to the highest standards using sprayers. We can cover huge areas faster and more cost-effectively than ever before by combining a revolutionary electrostatic sprayer with a specific cleaning or sanitising solution. There’s no need to put up a lot of effort.

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