Environmental Hygiene Testing.

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Professional Environmental Hygiene Testing Service in Australia

Restart Property Group makes every effort to correctly test components for the specific hygiene requirements. Whether you want to test mould or lead paint, our testing team has all of the tools and equipment needed to do the work in-house. We examine components from manufacturers throughout Australia. We have a quick turnaround and low lead times, so you get your part and results sooner! When we receive contaminated parts, we normally start testing right away.

Fast, Effective and Affordable Quality Testing Services

Restart Property Group offers mould, moisture, asbestos, lead, and methamphetamine testing in an ecologically friendly manner. We get to the root of the problem in a method that is effective, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly. When you call Restart Property Group, we will despatch a professional to visually examine for moisture and water entry utilising infrared detecting equipment. Remember that you cannot rely on what you see or smell to determine the existence of contamination! We provide a wide range of sample services that are analysed by an expert and unbiased labs. These testing services can be performed in combination with an inspection, as a final clearance test or remedial verification, or to provide the evidence required for legal or insurance difficulties.

Ultimate Perfection In Hygiene, Contamination Inspection & Testing

Restart Property Group is an expert in asbestos, mould, lead, and methamphetamine inspection and testing. We take great delight in providing effective answers to your environmental concerns. Restart Property Group will collaborate with you to determine the appropriate degree of hygiene inspection and testing services for your unique property. Inspections might range from a simple visual check to extensive sample and testing procedures. When it comes to expert environmental hygiene testing, Restart Property Group’s team is qualified and licenced to meet your demands! Restart Property Group can perform a limited examination and provide the property owner with a yes or no answer about unsanitary items in specific areas of the property. A short testing survey is inexpensive, and the findings may be obtained quickly and with no disruption to the property.