Lead Paint removal

Experienced Lead Paint Removal Contractor

Restart Property Group is committed to providing lead abatement services that are both safe and effective. Our supervisors and workers have been educated and qualified throughout the whole lead abatement procedure. Lead is dangerous to your health and property. Millions of homes still have lead paint, which is frequently hidden behind layers of fresher paint. Lead paint is typically not an issue if the paint is in excellent condition. Peeling, chipping, chalking, cracking, damaged, or wet lead-based paint is a hazard that requires prompt repair. Even though most applications of lead and asbestos are prohibited by law, these chemicals nevertheless exist and can cause health problems.

Choose Restart Property Group for Lead Paint Remediation & Removal in Australia

Lead-based paint removal is a difficult, time-consuming operation that necessitates the use of qualified professionals with a keen eye for detail. From the first inspection of the project site to work area preparations, containment measures, wet scraping, surface treatment, painting clean-up, and many other procedures, the remediation process is time-consuming and complex. Our employees have a wealth of knowledge and aim to be the finest in the field. We make certain that our employees are educated and certified in the most effective and up-to-date cleaning methods. The easiest method to avoid any bad health impacts is to be proactive and ensure that you are not exposed to lead dust. Allow Restart Property Group to remove lead paint in an effective, ecologically friendly, and safe manner.

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