Hoarder houses clean up

Professional Hoarding Clean up Services

Do you have a loved one or know someone who is afflicted with hoarding? You’re not the only one who feels this way. 2-6% of the world’s population hoards, and only approximately 15% of hoarders believe their behaviour is unreasonable. Hoarding is a severe and distressing physiological health condition that has negative consequences for the individual as well as their immediate surroundings, including family members. For a joyful and healthy living environment, typical clutter should be removed by specialists. Restart Property Group has years of decluttering experience and offers compassionate assistance to hoarders throughout Australia.

How We Can Help You

Restart Property Group has dealt with a variety of hoarding scenarios and has seen it all! From mild hoarding to very acute and severe hoarding situations, our clients and linked parties face significant health and safety dangers. Restart Property Group has learnt over the years that you shouldn’t tackle hoarding instances the same way you would any other ordinary clean up. Extreme hoarding, on the other hand, needs patience, time, and understanding. The Restart Property Group team approaches persons in need with sensitivity, compassion, and experience.